Sometimes I have thoughts. I put them here.

I also like books and tea. They go here too.


“xzsdf9” – Montana, a wide-eyed, beautiful kitten. Direct quote.

“Meaghan Cocuzzo is a bright star in a world that is too often gray. She is a master of subtle poetic wit (a personality quiz told her so) and she has the spark of madness that is only found in the truest artists. Her dexterity with different accents is beyond compare, and she is an asset to the blogosphere and to the world she lives in. Her taste in tea is refined and thoughtful, and she has a better collection of books in her closet than in some small libraries. Read her blog.” – Elizabeth Rose

“I’m going to get fat because of you.” – Coworker, taking candy out of a bowl on my desk.

“YOU ARE MY FAVORITE AMERICAN. What else do you want??” – Jelena

“How about absolute worst? I’ll get something to you when not hungover (hopefully Monday).” – Julian

“The first thing that came to mind when thinking of you was King George from Hamilton… is that bad?” – Simona

“You are a shining light of quality assurance in a world otherwise without quality.” – Mike

“Avid bookworm, tea connoisseur, dragon enthusiast, Rammstein devotee and occasional Mozart cosplayer. Certified VKP (Very Kind Person). Patient. Understanding. Really cute. Bottomless well of wisdom especially in crazy and stressful circumstances. Almost intimidatingly eloquent and precise in speech and writing. Admirer as well as writer of good poetry.
10/10, would recommend as both friend and blogger.” – Camilla

“Your earring collection is dank af.” – Alex