Morning Godsend

There was a tiny puppy on the T this morning while I was commuting to work: tan in color, with white speckled paws and big chocolate colored eyes. The poor thing was terribly nervous, but not enough to inhibit it from being curious.

The puppy sniffed at every person around it, eventually receiving a gentle pat on the head from a man who was reading a Kindle book. Its owner kept making kissy noises at it, as if calling a cat, but the dog wanted simply to explore, though its tucked tail highlighted its wariness.

At one point the leash came off its harness. The owner was quick to replace it, and the puppy had no idea anything went awry.

My neighbor was jumped on – they froze slightly, gave the dog a quick pat, and moved soon afterwards.

Curious as ever, the puppy squeezed itself between the seats and sniffed my bag. I reached down slowly (since I did not wish to scare the baby – after all, when you are so small, everyone else is a scary giant) and let it sniff my hand before petting it and scratching behind its ears. The puppy immediately jumped up and put its feet on the empty seat next to mine – the owner apologized, but I responded that it was OK, I have four, and I looked back at the puppy and continued to stroke it, asking it if it was going to get all the way up on the seat, if it was being good… All the while the puppy looked at me with those big brown eyes.

My stop came too soon.



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