Have you ever seen rain fall upon a river? When the sky and the land become almost indistinguishable, and there you are, sitting on what was the shore, and the clouds are low and gray and touch the water, which is churning and bubbling as the downpour meets it? And you can hear nothing but the sound of the torrents falling around you? You tilt your face towards the sky and it’s hard to look up into the pelting rain, but through squinting eyelids you can see that the clouds are thick and bright. And maybe you see a few leaves or a bird being tossed in the wind, but the rain is blinding and so you look down and wipe your eyes so you can see again. The grass by the river is green and there are shapes in the water, you think maybe they’re ducks and you decide they’re brave for being out there in the middle of the chaos. And then you think you’re brave too because you are also out, but not quite so crazy because you’re not in the water. So you decide that the ducks are crazy as well as brave, but you suppose they’re built for such things. Then the wind comes and whips your hair into your face, and at first you deal with it, because looking windswept might be cool, but then it gets in your mouth and you have to frown just slightly and you pull the hair away and tuck it behind your ear as best you can. Something else floats by in the river and you can see this time that it’s driftwood, and you wonder if it’s from somewhere far away or if it’s from closer to home, and you think perhaps if that piece of wood could talk it might have some amazing stories, but then maybe not, maybe all the story would be is “crack fell splash wet current fast and that’s not very interesting at all. And then you feel that there is suddenly less rain now, and you can just start to see the other riverbank, and you can see that it is also green and you wonder if your side looks as nice as that side, and you resolve to find out tomorrow. You realize the sun is just starting to peak out now, and you look down and shiver, realizing all at once that you’re soaking wet, and when you look back at where the sun is you feel just the slightest drop in your chest, just the smallest bit of sadness because the spell is broken. The river is calmer now and you can see that what you thought were ducks are ducks, and you watch them for a little while until they swim upstream and out of your vision, and by this time the rain has stopped and the sun is fully out, and you smooth your hair back so it doesn’t dry into tight curls that stick out in every direction. And before you get up you take a deep breath and smell the freshness that the rain has brought, and you feel better, like you’re also a part of this freshness, and the river was part of it too. And you close your eyes and feel the sun on your face and smile, and once you open them again you can see that the river is blue now, like the sky, and you stand and stretch and keep smiling, and with one last scan of everything you turn to go home, and the river laps the shore gently, and you know everything’s going to be okay.



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