Two Seconds to Goodwill

I decided to walk partway home from work, because the weather became summer in February. At nearly 70° F, I couldn’t pass up a chance to stretch my winter legs.

I’m not a big fan of walking in crowds, having to dodge left and right to pass people, and I happened to be in the middle of one when I noticed something small fall from the person in front of me. Upon closer inspection, it became clear that the object was a student ID: worn around the edges, with a smiling visage and the university name printed colorfully on the top right corner…

First second, first thought: selfish, hateful side that retches at human contact – I can just keep walking

A split second later: the rush of compassion – I remember being a student, I remember having an ID, I remember it being my lifelineHow I got food, how I got into my dorm, how I did laundry

Two second mark: I bent down, grabbed the card off the ground, ran up to the girl who had dropped it. Tapped on her shoulder. Held it out.

“You dropped this!”

Startled, relieved: “Oh my God, thank you so much!”

I kept walking ahead, out of the crowd, quickly.



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