Sing Like the Birds Sing Someday

Tea: Quince-Linden, Doğadan.

Ever since I was little, I remember being petrified of singing in front of people.  I could do any number of other activities; acting, public speaking… but as soon as anything musical would come up, I would freeze and choke with tears, unable to utter even the smallest sound.  This fear slowly but surely spread to the piano, when I discovered the wonder of that glorious instrument and began to teach myself to play.

I never could understand why this fear is so deep-seated in my being. I certainly enjoy singing. I think, perhaps, I just never truly believe I’m any good. Despite this, I record song covers on a semi-regular basis. Many of these never see the light of day; I am my own worst critic.

It would be untrue for me to say I’ve  never sung in front of groups of people.  One time I had a solo in sixth grade chorus. Another time I sang at my own birthday party. The last time was against my will at an end of the year dinner for my mom’s German class. Each time, I was terrified. The last time, I silenced a chattering group of people.

Someday, I hope to have confidence in my voice.  Then I could at least participate in karaoke!

…Then again, I probably wouldn’t.



3 thoughts on “Sing Like the Birds Sing Someday

  1. I feel like reading your blog will soon become my morning routine!
    And I’m very glad I was there for one of the rare occasions that you sang in front of people ❤


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