The Greatest of All Time

Tea: Decaf Earl Grey, Twinings. Brookie on the side.

For those wondering, “brookie” is Star Market’s word for a brownie cookie. I would have called them “crownies”, because that makes them sound regal, but I was not consulted in this decision. Perhaps they were going for something similar to “Brookline”… You do you, Star Market.

The Patriots Parade.

In which many hundreds of thousands stood out in the snow for over four hours waiting for a couple of football players in duck boats.

From Hynes Convention Center to Government Center, these loyal fans and curious onlookers lined the streets, in some areas up to 50 people deep, umbrellas open, hats and scarves on, snow covered shoulders…All for a glimpse of their heroes.

I for one, a sensible human being, went out without a coat and stood under a roof for half an hour before getting bored and going back inside.

A true fan.



One thought on “The Greatest of All Time

  1. I enjoy your blog posts a lot! 🙂 Keep it up!
    Makes me look forward to when I can hopefully start a blog about my semester abroad. 😀


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